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Room by Emma Donoghue ISBN: 0316098337 Genre: Crime My Review:  After getting over the language (which was a challenge), I loved this book. The way it was narrated by a five year old helps to show how he grasped his reality of things.  You feel the mother's pain in her quest to escape her captor as she struggles to give herself and her son a normal life.  The escape and thereafter readjustment into society is heartbreaking. The end sort of left me wanting more though, like a revisit a couple years later to see how they're doing.  So on that front it seemed unfinished.


Shadow Fall by Erin Kellison  ISBN: 0505528304 My Review:  In book 2 of the Shadow series, we see Custo brutally murdered.  He breaks out of Heaven, to warn his best friend of a traitor, unbeknownst to him two years has passed.  He comes back to earth as an angel, opening a door to Shadow and must now protect the beautiful Annabella from the Wolf that has come through with him.  Erin Kellison has done it again with this sequel to her novel Shadowbound.