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Epsilon AR Book Review

Hundreds of years into the future mankind has gone under-ground to relocate to Epsilon; a beautiful city run by a strong, secretive government that keeps its citizens in check by subtle manipulation and strict schedules. No one questions the city's authority and no one is unhappy. ALN-896, an average man who is just trying to live a normal life, begins to have dreams; something strange and rare in Epsilon. In his dreams a man named Harry dies. ALN-896 shrugs this off as if nothing has happened. It was only a dream. The next day, however, he is suddenly arrested and sent to prison for killing Harry. Now inside prison, ALN-896 begins to learn about what the government of Epsilon has been doing and he plans on escaping. Not only from prison, but from Epsilon. This one decision turns him against everything he has ever known and forces him to face against centuries of lies. To escape means to live, but what will it cost? Purchase : Amazon | Barnes & Noble My Review

Undercover Book Review

When Jenny Moore meets Alexei Roshenko, it's love at first sight. The tall, dark, and handsome stranger appears to be the answer to every romantic fantasy any woman ever had. There is however more to him than meets the eye, and a dark and violent past is catching up with him. When Jenny decides to follow him back to Russia, she gets entangled in a web of deceit and secrets beyond her wildest imagination. Purchase : Amazon My Review I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.     Jenny Moore starts the New Year with high expectations of great things.   Little did she know that it would happen right in her office.   In walks Alexei Roshenko, a Russian Captain, man of mystery with a sexy accent.   The chemistry is instant, they’re inseparable. Will she still love him when she finds out his secrets?   How far will he go to keep her safe? There was quite a bit more romance than I’d expected in this book.   It starts of a little slow i