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Somebody Wants to Kill Me by Richard Rees

Somebody Wants to Kill Me by Richard Rees My rating: 5 of 5 stars Somebody Wants To Kill Me by Richard Rees is a riveting psychological thriller filled with deceit, greed, secrets and jealousy. Karen, has become a wealthy young woman unexpectedly and has a whirlwind romance with Paul. When they return from their honeymoon to her father’s estate, nothing seems to go her way. She didn’t want to return from Italy, or live on the estate. But Paul was a former actor and decided he’d quit his job to write a novel. He loved the quiet and peace of the location. I loved this book! Usually, I figure out who the culprit is before I am halfway through a novel. For once, I was absolutely stumped! I kept switching who I thought was a suspect. I also enjoyed that the list of possible suspects kept getting longer and longer. By the end, I believe everyone was a suspect in my book. The anticipation was driving me crazy, so much so that I read it in two days. The best part was the reference of the cr

The Paper Palace By Miranda Cowley Heller

The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller My rating: 4 of 5 stars A Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley-Heller is about a moment of indiscretion, and another summer at the Paper Palace sets Elle on a journey. She begins talking about all the things she had done, good and bad, that has led to this day. She speaks about her mother; how carefree she was. Her father seemed to love his girlfriends more than his kids. She was used and abused until she met Peter.   I love how the story toggles between past and present. She speaks mostly about growing up, and all there's functions in her family that she thought were normal. I enjoyed hearing about her grandmother and how much she loved them. My most favorite part was how she met Peter. Not the actual event itself but him. I gave this story four out of five stars. Primarily because every bad thing was extremely graphic. it was definitely a very unique story, I look forward to hearing about more things by Miranda Cowley Heller. If you really