The Paper Palace By Miranda Cowley Heller

The Paper PalaceThe Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley-Heller is about a moment of indiscretion, and another summer at the Paper Palace sets Elle on a journey. She begins talking about all the things she had done, good and bad, that has led to this day. She speaks about her mother; how carefree she was. Her father seemed to love his girlfriends more than his kids. She was used and abused until she met Peter.
I love how the story toggles between past and present. She speaks mostly about growing up, and all there's functions in her family that she thought were normal. I enjoyed hearing about her grandmother and how much she loved them. My most favorite part was how she met Peter. Not the actual event itself but him.

I gave this story four out of five stars. Primarily because every bad thing was extremely graphic. it was definitely a very unique story, I look forward to hearing about more things by Miranda Cowley Heller. If you really like dramatic novels then this one is absolutely made for you!

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