Anna, the Princess, and the Pendant #Book #Review

Seventeen-year-old Anna Elizabeth Owens is a typical teen-age girl growing up in Morrisville, North Carolina, until the day her great-grandmother requests her presence at her bedside. In her late seventies, the older woman has a special gift for Anna and she shares a mysterious message.

"Tonight, as my journey in this world ends, so begins your journey into the vast world of dreams. After tonight, your dreams will take you to places of your wildest imaginations. Just remember, we all have good and bad dreams. Henceforth, both good and bad journeys will lead you to your destination."

While living in parallel worlds of dreams and reality, Anna discovers the power of love with a young man named Alex, and Princess Isis discovers the pain of sacrifice on her journey for survival. Eventually, she must choose between the throne and her one true love: a slave named Amon.

Laden with intrigue, romance, action, and adventure, this powerful tale explores Anna's coming-of-age experience from a young girl to a young woman while enthralled in the adventures of her dreams.

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My Review:
Anna Owens is a strong willed independent you woman.  She visits her dying great grandmother and is given a gorgeous emerald pendant.  Her summer and life is forever changed.

This was a fantastic coming of age novel.  I loved that the main character was a stong, independent young woman that could not be easily coerced.  I think this was a great romance.  It also shows that the choices we make may seem that the effects are temporary, but sometimes last a lifetime.  I thoroughly enjoyed Anna/Princess Isis' journey.  I think every teenage girl will enjoy the romance and maybe see beyond the love story.  The only issue I had with this book was that the intimacy was a little too graphic but otherwise it's a great read.


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