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All of UsAll of Us by A.F. Carter

All of Us is a riveting thriller with six compelling protagonists--who all share one body. Though legally she is Carolyn Grand, in practice she is Martha, a homemaker who cooks and cleans for her "family," Victoria, a put-together people person, Serena, a free spirit, Kirk, a heterosexual man, Eleni, a promiscuous risk-taker, and Tina, a manifestation of what is left of Carolyn after years of childhood sexual abuse. As they jockey for control of their body, all the personalities also work together to avoid being committed to a psychiatric facility. But Carolyn's tenuous normal is shattered when Hank Grand, the man who abused her and leased her out to pedophiles, is released from prison. Soon he begins stalking her, bringing back painful memories for all of the personalities.

When Hank is murdered in a seedy hotel room, Carolyn is immediately a prime suspect. But the man has other shady dealings, and the burden of proof weighs heavy on the police--especially when, propelled by demons of his own, one of the detectives assigned to the case finds his way into Carolyn's very solitary life.

The police and the reader are left wondering: are any of Carolyn's personalities capable of murder? A deeply suspenseful novel, with a truly unique cast of characters.
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars
My Review:
Carolyn Grand has very distinct multiple personalities. There's Eleni, the seductive one, Serena, the timid one, Martha, the one that does all the choresss, Victoria is the well dressed one, Tina is the little girl and then there's Kirk, he feels that he is a man stuck in a woman's body.

When Eleni accidentally solicits a detective, Carolyn Grand is forced to prove she's able to care for herself. She then finds out her father, the man that abused her, was being released from prison. All of her rage comes to the forefront as she realizes her psychiatrist isn't really trying to help her and her father has been murdered. Can she prove her innocence when she has no recollection of that night?

I loved this book, it really makes you think about what someone with this disorder goes through. Imagine having days, weeks, or months missing out of your life at a time. The descriptions were so vivid that you feel the frustrations and confusion, not knowing what she did and what happened on those missing days. The only part I wasn't very happy with was the very anti-climatic ending.

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