Shadow Garden by @alexandraburt #Book #Review


A wealthy woman suspects something is off about the luxurious complex she lives in . . . and she is right, in this riveting domestic-suspense novel from international bestselling author Alexandra Burt.

Donna Pryor lives in the lap of luxury. She spends her days in a beautifully appointed condo. Her every whim is catered to by a dedicated staff, and she does not want for anything.

Except for news of her adult daughter.

Or an ex-husband who takes her calls.

Donna knows something is wrong, but she can't quite put her finger on it. As her life of privilege starts to feel more and more like a prison, the facade she has depended on begins to crumble. Somewhere in the ruins is the truth, and the closer Donna Pryor gets to it, the more likely it is to destroy her.
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My Review:

Donna Pryor lives a life of affluence.  She and her husband have a beautiful mansion, the envy of the neighborhood.  She has been sent away to recuperate from an accident.  An accident she cannot recall nor does she understand why her daughter won't call her.

Wow!  This was an intriguing novel that captures one's interest from the very beginning and keeps you enraptured in the story until the shockingly disturbing end.  I really didn't see it coming.  The suspense just kept building and I was anxious to have my questions answered.  If you enjoy suspense thrillers, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.


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