Black Water by @niniehammon #Book #Review


Synopsis :
From Ninie Hammon, master of psychological suspense, comes the long-awaited thrilling new series you won't be able to put down.

Bailey Donahue has to stay dead.

After witnessing her husband's murder, Bailey is ripped from her life and placed in the Witness Protection Program in the sleepy town of Shadow Rock.

Believed dead by the mafia, Bailey is trapped in a torturous limbo, unable to return to her life -- and her eighteen-month-old daughter -- without risking the lives of those she loves most.

Losing all hope, she attempts suicide, only to wake in the hospital and discover that not only is she alive, she's woken with a "gift" - she can paint portraits of events that haven't happened... yet.

Her first picture: a girl drowning. She doesn't know who or where the girl is, or how to stop her prediction from coming true.

When two locals offer their help, she feels like she must accept, even though her instincts are screaming that these good samaritans know too much about her.

Can Bailey find the girl and prevent a tragedy — without letting anyone know that she’s still alive?

My Review:
Black Water is the beginning of what I'd consider an epic suspenseful series.  Four people, from four completely different walks of life are bonded together, by of all things, an unusual painting.  A painting that may very well be a prediction.  Can they stop the tragedy from coming true?

This was one of the best summer reads this year.  It was fast paced and difficult to put down.  If you love mysteries and suspenseful novels, this is one I highly recommend.

About the Author:
I grew up in Texas, got a BA in English and theatre from Texas Tech University and snagged a job as a newspaper reporter. Didn't know a thing about journalism, but my editor said if I could write he could teach me the rest of it and if I couldn't write the rest of it didn't matter. I hung in there for a 25-year career as a journalist. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, but as soon as I figured out that making up the facts was a whole lot more fun than reporting them, I never looked back.

Now, I write suspense--every flavor except pistachio: psychological suspense, inspirational suspense, suspense thrillers, paranormal suspense, suspense mysteries.

In every book I write I try to keep this promise to Loyal Reader: I will tell you a story in a distinctive voice you'll always recognize, about people as ordinary as you are--people who have been slammed by something they didn’t sign on for, and now they must fight for their lives. Then smack in the middle of their everyday worlds, those people encounter the unexplainable--and it's always the game-changer."


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