#NoPlanB by Lee Child

No Plan B (Jack Reacher, #27)No Plan B by Lee Child

Synopsis: The gripping new Jack Reacher thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling authors Lee Child and Andrew Child. The plan: It's coming Fall 2022. No Plan B.

In Gerrardsville, Colorado, two witnesses to the same tragedy give two different accounts. One guy sees a woman throw herself in front of a bus in what authorities will call a suicide. The other witness is Jack Reacher. And he sees what actually happened: A man in a gray hoodie and jeans, moving like a shadow, pushed the victim to her death—before swiftly grabbing the dead woman’s purse and strolling away.

Reacher follows the killer on foot, not knowing that he is part of something much bigger and far-reaching . . . a secret conspiracy with many moving parts, with powerful people on the take, all involved in an undertaking that leaves no room for error. If any step is compromised, the threat will have to be quickly and quietly and permanently removed.

Because when the threat is Reacher, there is No Plan B….

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I recieved a free copy from #Netgalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. *

This is book 27 in the Jack Reacher series but also works well as a standalone.
Jack Reacher is walking down the street in Gerrardsville, Colorado minding his own business when he witnesses a woman being pushed in front of an oncoming bus. The Medical Examiner rules suicide but Jack knows otherwise and is on a hunt to prove it.

Then there's Hannah, she lost her ex husband and is currently running for her life. They think she knows something. If she does, exactly what DOES she know?

Let's not forget young Jeb Steans. He's decided to run away from his foster home and foster mom, he takes the money that the state has been paying her for his care. After all, she hasn't spent a dime on the poor kid. He's hoping to meet his dad for the very first time and he needs it to get to Winson.

The relationship between Hannah and Sam is very unusual, but he was also her best friend. she's definitely a spitfire! Jack and Hannah's friendship was completely unexpected, considering the rough start. 

I gave this novel 5 of 5 stars because everything was so intricately woven that it was truly art. They both had an instant connection with Jeb and tried to help him as  much as they could.  All three are on the run, will they make it to Winson?

There was nonstop action and edge your seat excitement as Jack and Hannah go on the run, but their enemy has #noplanb.  This book comes out in February 2023, be sure to pre-order your copy of #NoPlanB!

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