#WorthyOpponents by Danielle Steel

Worthy OpponentsWorthy Opponents by Danielle Steel

*Special thanks to #Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to give an unbiased and honest review

Worthy Opponents by Danielle Steel is a wonderful story about love and sacrifice. Spencer Brooke had always been groomed by her grandfather to carry on the family legacy that has only been carried on by men. She had an eye for fashion and a love for trendsetting luxury items. Her hope is to pass it on to her boys.

In walks the handsome Mike Weston, a wealthy investor that absolutely loves the store. Will Spencer end her family legacy or fight to keep it alive.

Danielle Steel has done a wonderful job of describing each scene. I. especially loved Mike Weston's family. I could actually relate from the children's point of view, so it was very real to me. This was a wonderful story with a beautiful ending everyone will enjoy.

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