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Fifteen-year-old Alex is a “spinner.” His friends are “dummies.” Two clandestine groups of humans want his power. And an ancient evil is stalking him. If people weren’t being murdered, Alex might laugh at how his life turned into a horror movie overnight.

In a wheelchair since birth, his freakish ability has gotten him kicked out of ten foster homes since the age of four. Now saddled with a sadistic housemother who uses his spinning to heal the kids she physically abuses, Alex and his misfit group of learning disabled classmates are the only ones who can solve the mystery of his birth before more people meet a gruesome end.

They need to find out who murdered their beloved teacher, and why the hot young substitute acts like she’s flirting with them. Then there’s the mysterious medallion that seems to have unleashed something malevolent, and an ancient prophecy suggesting Alex has the power to destroy humanity.
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My Review:

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

Alex was given up to foster care after the the untimely death of his parents.  He was then placed with an abusive foster parent, which caused him to continually "spin" his housemates to heal their injuries.  This caused Jane, his foster mother to uncover Alex's special healing gift.  When a package from his biological parents never gets to him, Alex uncovers more than he's bargained for.

This book was amazingly creative.  You can easily sense Alex's inner turmoil at not only being learning and physically disabled, but also having a gift he thinks is a curse.  He is fortunate to have wonderful friends that stood by his side throughout.  I have to admit that during the first 1/3 of the book, I wondered where the story was heading because it had a relatively slow start.  Once you're past that, the story captures your imagination and takes you to a whole new world.  If you can be patient, the story will be well worth the wait.  I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to read something else from this fabulous author!

About the Author:
Michael J. Bowler is an award-winning author of eight novels––/A Boy and His Dragon, A Matter of Time/ (Silver Medalist from Reader’s Favorite), and /The Knight Cycle/, comprised of five books: /Children of the Knight/ (Gold Award Winner in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards), /Running Through A Dark Place /(Bronze Award Winner in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards)/, There Is No Fear, And The Children Shall Lead/, /Once Upon A Time In America, /and/Spinner./

His horror screenplay, “Healer,” was a Semi-Finalist, and his urban fantasy script, “Like A Hero,” was a Finalist in the Shriekfest Film Festival and Screenplay Competition.

He grew up in San Rafael, California, and majored in English and Theatre at Santa Clara University. He went on to earn a master’s in film production from Loyola Marymount University, a teaching credential in English from LMU, and another master's in Special Education from Cal State University Dominguez Hills.

He partnered with two friends as producer, writer, and/or director on several ultra-low-budget horror films, including “Fatal Images,” “Club Dead,” and “Things II,” the reviews of which are much more fun than the actual movies.

He taught high school in Hawthorne, California for twenty-five years, both in general education and to students with learning disabilities, in subjects ranging from English and Strength Training to Algebra, Biology, and Yearbook.

He has also been a volunteer Big Brother to eight different boys with the Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters program and a thirty-year volunteer within the juvenile justice system in Los Angeles. He is a passionate advocate for the fair treatment of children and teens in California, something that is sorely lacking in this state.

He has been honored as Probation Volunteer of the Year, YMCA Volunteer of the Year, California Big Brother of the Year, and 2000 National Big Brother of the Year. The “National” honor allowed he and three of his Little Brothers to visit the White House and meet the president in the Oval Office.

He is currently outlining a sequel to /Spinner/.

His goal as a YA author is for teens to experience empowerment and hope; to see themselves in his diverse characters; to read about kids who face real-life challenges; and to see how kids like them can remain decent people in an indecent world.
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