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The Laughter of God
by Herb Marlow

Book Description: 
Who is the quiet warehouse worker named Bill Harmony?

Bill is disturbed by the shallow sermons and self-aggrandising showmanship of his pastor, but when he confronts Doctor Littlehope privately, he is brushed off as an ignorant layman. Then an upcoming revival event at his church, run by a TV evangelist who claims he can heal and raise people from the dead, also raises some red flags.

Sure that this is not a real move of God, Bill and two friends set about exposing the scam.
But there is more to Bill than meets the eye, and when locals begin revealing the miraculous works he has performed quietly, away from the spotlight, everyone, including his close friends, begin to ask, "Who is Bill Harmony, anyway?" And we wonder the same thing...

About the Author:
Intriguing tales … told Texas-style … are the hallmark of legendary author, Herb Marlow. The acclaimed writer, educator, and counselor offers a rich series of historical and adventure novels that are destined to become classics for readers of all ages. These timeless treasures spark the imagination and remove the mystery from history as readers interact with captivating characters and creatures.

Herb Marlow has been featured on TV, radio and in print publications nationwide. He is an established authority on childhood issues, a motivational speaker for children and adults, a professional counselor, an author, and a rancher. He and his wife Lynn presently reside on a small working ranch in East Texas.

Dr. Marlow spent a portion of his adult life as a pastor. During those years, seeing the myriad of heartaches faced by the people he served, he returned to the university to obtain his Ph.D. in counseling and to begin a private pastoral counseling practice. Though basically retired, he continues to provide limited counseling today.
Marlow has published over forty-five books, both print and electronic, including fiction for children (“Twisters, Bronc Ricers & Cherry Pie,” “Jack the Border Collie,” etc.), young adults (the four-book “Guns of the Civil War” series, “Hood River Home,” etc.), and adults, and professional works addressing counseling issues, writing and education, and a trilogy of books on parenting. As a freelance writer, Herb’s stories and articles have been published in many national periodicals and professional journals, as well as online blogs. His clean adult books include: “The Laughter of God,” “In Harm’s Way,” “Cowboy Riches,” and its sequel “Mesquite Riches.” And he’s an Old West author too, with several books and collections of short stories to his credit including “Outlaws West,” “Trouble on the Bosque,” “Dangerous Ground,” and “High Lonesome.”
Herb is a captivating speaker and storyteller whose tales engage children and adults alike. Bringing his own real-life stories of challenge and triumph into each speaking engagement, he helps people see their worlds from a higher point of view.

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My Review 
I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.  Bill Harmony lived a simple godly life. All he ever wanted was for people to have faith, hope and peace. Mark Truelove had a small church that ministered to the poor and homeless. Then there was Doctor Littlehope, he has a large church, drives an expensive car and only wears the finest designer suits. He is all about himself and profits gained by his church. Even after many warnings, he refuses to listen. What will happen when the truth is found out?

This was a brilliantly written story about what happens when greed rules and God is not in your life anymore. It certainly makes you realize that the things of this world aren't worth it, especially if you lose your soul in the process.  Herb Marlow is a magnificent storyteller, I felt I was in the room with the characters as things transpired. This was a quick short read that I fell in love with and so will you.

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