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Paige Scott spent her childhood shuffled between relatives who ignored her, and her adult life hiding in her crumbling marriage to wealthy David Davenport. When David suddenly thrusts her into a remote, impoverished world, Paige is forced to face the betrayals of her past - not to mention the colorful townies of her present. Unexpected friendships and her discovery of running propel her on a jagged and comical journey toward learning how to truly live.

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I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Paige Davenport had it all yet had nothing. Her husband was a successful Philadelphia attorney which put her in wealthy social circles. She disliked the people but tolerated the role of the wealthy trophy wife. Then David surprises her with a road trip to visit his newly acquired "summer home". The seemingly endless road trip finally ends in a small town called Wells Lake. As she observes her surroundings and dilapidated house, David announces he's not staying, this is her new home, and leaves her there. Will she be able to survive on her own? Will she be able to open herself up to love again?

This is a wonderful book about a woman's journey to finding herself. I was pretty surprised by the time I was halfway through that she hadn't realized that there was something wrong with her marriage. In a way, his abandonment was for the good because it forced her to do some serious soul searching and gave her the time she needed to heal and figure out what she wanted. The characters were so easy to like. I felt really bad for all of the things that Bryce had endured and it was great that Paige had begun to change him. Al completely frustrated me but by the end of the book, I finally understood his reasoning. This is an amazing novel of strength, courage, and finding one's place in the world. It also exemplifies how we inspire or encourage others by simply being. What can I say? I loved this book, I think it's one every woman should read.


 About the Author:

Gaelen VanDenbergh is a writer, runner, compulsive list-maker, and author of the contemporary fiction novel Running Against Traffic. She lives with her family in Philadelphia. 
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