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Angels and Demons
Q & A

Q: Lynn, your book, Angels Believe in You, appears to be quite open about a variety of topics, many of them quite personal. Did you have any reservations about disclosing so many sensitive details?

A: Releasing Angels Believe in You was one most challenging things I have done to date. Sharing personal details doesn’t really bother me. However, I had two very major concerns:
  1. My spiritual journey has always been a private matter. I share it with friends, usually after I get to know them. Many of the things I have gone through, many of my beliefs are so… different… from common everyday life that I was and am a little worried that people will see me as a mentally unstable weirdo.  
  2. I am the owner of a publishing company: Resilient Publishing. I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea about the company. It isn’t a Christian Publishing company. Don’t get me wrong – I love stories with a thread for God tucked inside, but that isn’t the main focus of the publishing company. Resilient Publishing works with books in all genres except Erotica.
Still, if anything I have gone through can help another person in a difficult situation, it is worth the risk.

Q: How long did it take you to write Angels Believe in You?

A: Once I decided to listen to God and try and do what He was telling me to do, I sat down and it just flowed out. I wrote 35,000 words in twelve days. Over the next two days I added a couple stories and filled in some details making the book almost 40,000.

Q: Wow, that was fast. Do you typically write that fast?

A: I wrote Prophecyof the Flame, both Book One & Book Two in one year – 183,000 words. Even for me, 40,000 in two weeks is a record. 

Q: Prophecy of the Flame, that was your first series, right? Wasn’t it a bestseller?

A: I had some small success with the Prophecy of the Flame series. It was a #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller in two categories, Fantasy and General Fiction, in 2010. Book One is FREE on Kindle at the moment. ClickHere to get your FREE copy.

Q: Thanks for that! I look forward to seeing what your fiction is like! 

As I read Angels Believe in You, it seems you had quite an issue with demons/evil spirits in the beginning. Now that you have grown in knowledge and understanding, do these spirits still bother you? Do you still see demons?

A:  For a few years now, the only time I see demons is when travel to someplace new. The more authority you take over the spiritual realm, the more the enemy is aware of you. Take Paul (the guy who wrote much of the New Testament.) After he visited a town and cast out many demons from people, a traveling Jewish exorcists thought they would try it. When they said, “I cast you out by the Jesus that Paul preaches,” it didn’t work. 

The demon retorted, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?” The possessed man reacted so violently that he tore off the close of the exorcist and chased them though town. (Acts 19: 10-17)

The demons assigned to you and commonly around you will learn that they can’t get anywhere with certain tricks if you continually take authority over them. When I travel to a new area, a hotel or a friend’s house, I have encountered demons.

The ones immediately around me are trying a new tactic.  Lately they have been attacking my loved ones. 

The Hardy Family Under Attack is one of the latest stories about this issue. You can find it on my blog or Tumblr. Click here to read that story.
Thank you Lynn for this awesome interview, it was great chatting with you!  

Angels Believe in you is now available at Amazon.



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