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The back-to-school season can be murder

It's the beginning of the university's fall semester and Dani can't wait for the college students to return to Normalton, Illinois--after all, without them, there is no one to support her Lunch-to-Go service, which is a vital part of her Chef-to-Go business. But Normalton University's orientation week is marred by a mysterious murder, along with a series of car-jackings and sightings of a mysterious creature in a pond on campus. And with the whole town feeling unsettled, Dani finds herself dealing once again with the infuriatingly handsome Spencer Drake, the head of security at the university.

Although Dani vowed that her life would never again be boring and routine after she quit her stifling corporate job, she had no idea that she'd end up dealing with such strange happenings--not to mention murder. But as the trouble in Normalton draw worryingly close to home, Dani realizes that if the killer isn't caught soon, she may be the next one who is found scone cold dead.
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My Review:
Dani has decided to leave her job in HR to be self employed as a caterer and personal chef.  The mansion she's inherited is the perfect distance from the college and has a large dream kitchen.  Added to that, she has arrangements with the three girls she's taken in to assist her.  But Ivy's intended charitable donation of leftovers for the homeless has turned deadly.  Will Dani be accused again because she knew the deceased?

In case you're not a regular reader of my blog, this was a cozy mystery and an extremely light read.  I thought that it was so neat that Denise basically gave us the recipes to most of the things Dani created.  The book flowed nicely but if you're not a foodie, all of the recipes tend to be a bit much.  It was a great story that kept me guessing  for awhile, that was quite a treat for me!  Needless to say, I thought this was a wicked awesome read!👍👍👍👍


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