Grad Night by Carver Pike #Book #Review

Synopsis:  School should never be synonymous with danger, but that’s exactly what it has become. Students are violent, with each other and with the staff. Teachers and administrators have been attacked. This is nothing like the school shootings occurring on other campuses. No, this is personal. It doesn’t revolve around one child wanting revenge on the rest of the student body. It involves most of the students wanting payback against everyone.

Something far worse than teenage rage lurks in the Darrius Sawyer High corridors. Everyone can sense it. Teachers hint about it. They speak in hushed tones, tell stories about odd occurrences in their classrooms, and travel by numbers as they make their way to their cars after school.

Evil walks the hallways and the teachers know its name: James Bender.

At DS High, the seniors are planning the ultimate Grad Night bash, and all the teachers are invited. James Bender will be there. You will be too.

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My Review:
Okay, so I realized that I didn't have any spooky novels on my blog for some time, and for that I sincerely apologize to my horror fans.  My first selection was this one, Grad Night.  Although, Carver Pike has a great imagination, his story was overly graphically bloody and the sexual connotations were a bit much.  Otherwise it was really great and it does make a fantastic need people who care not yell or embarrass them.  A great horror novel, for a rainy day.


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