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At a dark place in Edinburgh's heart, secrets refues to lie dormant.

At Police Scotland HQ, Grace Macallan has pitched up in Counter Corruption. But the demons of her past are never far behind.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh's gangland is in turmoil. As a new breed of upstarts challenges the old criminal order, their battle for territory causes serious havoc. 

Into the war steps DI Janet Hadden. Ambitious, hardbitten and addicted to risk-taking, she knows how to throw opponents off balance. But when she’s thwarted, Hadden seeks help from a notorious underworld fixer, a man who keeps secrets but always extracts a price.

Beset by violence and double-crossing, Grace is soon embroiled in a savage game of cat and mouse with colleagues and criminals alike. With all sides driven by dark desires, theirs is an endgame that will take Grace down unless she holds her nerve.
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My Review:
Edinburgh comes across as a very dark place filled with warring gangsters and hoodlums.  Added to that there's an overly ambitious detective, Janet Madden, that will do anything, including walk the line of corruption to get what she wants.

Holy cow!  This was an unexpected engrossing novel.  There was lots of action as the gangs set each other up and are continually fighting, right up until the very end.  If you love crime novels, you'll absolutely love this one.  Just be ready to be able to try to understand that Scottish drawl.


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