Sweet Beginnings #Book #review


She isn't looking for love; she just wants a home for her son. He is looking for someone to love him as a person, and not for his money.

Hannah Jenkins understands that being the divorcee in a small town can be tough on her son. She has a plan to make sure the town gossip doesn’t get the better of her.

Adam Cade has made his money and wants to go back to his hometown to start a family. His new-earned wealth has changed how his old neighbors see him. He is no longer the boy next door, but the wealthy bachelor in town.

They both decide to fake a relationship to hold off the gossip and the opportunists. However, what started out as a ruse becomes a reality neither expects. 

Sweet Beginnings is about forgiving those who have hurt you, discovering yourself, and loving unconditionally. Welcome to Sweet Bloom, where love is always blossoming.

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My Review:
This is book 1 of the Love Happens series.  Hannah Jenkins, a strong independent woman, has been divorced from her husband for some time.  You'd think the gossiping would have stopped by now.  In walk the handsome and famous Adam Cade.  Now his old neighbors are throwing themselves....at his money.  What started out as a fake relationship between Adam and Hannah blooms into something much more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook.  It was romance but a clean read.  I think it took a lot for Hannah to forgive her ex-husband, and he did not give his son any stability so no wonder he knew nothing about him.  I felt absolutely awful for the poor kid. This was a great story of self-discovery and most importantly forgiveness.


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