Waiting For Grace Book Review

Eli Cranston, Esq. has fled his Los Angeles law practice after the loss of his wife and daughter. Thirty-four hundred miles away a new life was waiting; one in which Eli could find redemption, forgiveness, and a purpose, if only he would allow it.

In a small cottage by the sea, Eli launches a new career in Forward Life Progression--a practice which pushes patients past their traumas and addictions to build a new resilient existence, one they can work toward simply by knowing it exists. But what happens when a client sees a future that includes Eli?

Life on a farm in Bar Harbor, Maine, holds the promise of a long winter haunting Eli with unopened boxes and letters. But here, where the light is surreal, transformation can take place. Eli finds Hope; caring for two miniature horses, Ink and Smudge, a pregnant cat, and a handyman named Clem, he sees his own new future. He finds comfort at the market, not in the mysterious fire cider, but in the owner of Full Circle Farm, Rebecca. Can he keep his secrets and move forward? Is anyone ever really allowed to leave their past behind completely?

Eli's monthly visits to his idol, Dr. Otto Gunther, an eighty-six-year-old holocaust survivor, reveals a past life from this future-life expert that Eli was not expecting. As it turns out, everyone is looking for second chances, and waiting for redemption in whatever form, and however long, it takes.
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My Review: 

Everyone deals with loss in different ways. In Eli's case, he moved to the other side of the country and pretty far north without going to Canada.  He starts his life over as a psychotherapist, helping others with loss.  He's made new friends and discovered ways to help others.

I really liked Eli's life on the farm, especially his little horses and the friendship that blossomed with Hope.  I don't know if I  believe in FLP, but I noticed he even asked God to heal his hurt.  What I didn't see coming was the ending, that completely surprised me.  Overall, this was a great story of friendship, patience, and love.

*I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.*

About the Author:
Caroline Zani grew up in a small town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts knowing she was different. How she was different was difficult to describe and so she stopped trying. She decided on the normal life.
It wasn't until a life-altering experience that split her wide open did she understand that the gift of intuition was always there, always wanting to be shared.
Working as an intuitve medium and guiding those who come to her, there is only one thing she finds more beautiful than lending hope to those who feel hopeless. And that is watching them learn to connect with their own intuition through her workshops and classes. 

What she finds truly miraculous is that she wrote Piper, Once and Again before she found her path as a medium. She realizes now that the book was given to her to write as a sort of guide she would need as she navigated that treacherous path between normal and the life she was meant to live. 

She wouldn't change a thing.

The author lives with her husband in Central Massachusetts and is the mother of one most beautiful daughter.
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