The Bridge of Peace
by Cindy Woodsmall
ISBN: 1400073979
Genre: Christian Fiction/Romance
Published: August 31, 2010

About the Book

Love alone isn’t enough to overcome some obstacles.
Lena Kauffman is a young Old Order Amish schoolteacher who has dealt all her life with attention raised by a noticeable birthmark on her cheek. Having learned to move past the stares and whispers, Lena channels her zest for living into her love of teaching. But tensions mount as she is challenged to work with a rebellious young man and deal with several crises at the schoolhouse that threaten her other students. Her lack of submission and use of ideas that don’t line up with the Old Ways strengthen the school board’s case as they begin to believe that Lena is behind all the trouble.

One member of the school board, Grey Graber, feels trapped by his own stifling circumstances. His wife, Elsie, has shut him out of her life, and he doesn’t know how long he can continue to live as if nothing is wrong. As the two finally come to a place of working toward a better marriage, tragedy befalls their family.

Lena and Grey have been life-long friends, but their relationship begins to crumble amidst unsettling deceptions, propelling each of them to finally face their own secrets. Can they both find a way past their losses and discover the strength to build a new bridge?

In book 2 of the Ada’s House series, the focus is primarily on Deborah’s friend Lena.  Lena has a birthmark on her face she thinks is keeping her from getting married or even a boyfriend.  That couldn’t be further from the truth as you read on.  This story is a perfect example of lifelong friendships turning into true love.  This is also a lesson in learning to loving yourself before you can allow others to love you.  I found this book to be heartwarming, and I found moments where my heart broke for Deborah and Lena.


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