Curse of the Prometheus Excerpt and Book Review

How do you fight a god of light who has been seduced by darkness? That’s the challenge Medea Keres must meet. Posing as a wealthy young heiress in modern day Atlanta, no one knows she is the original Medea, the sorceress from ancient Greek legends.

As priestess of the witch goddess Hecate, Medea is charged with hunting demons that would otherwise overrun the world. Now she must face a far greater adversary. One of the twelve shining Olympian gods has turned rogue, violating the edict against human sacrifice. As the body count quickly rises, Medea knows her enemy is getting stronger.

With the help of the underworld nymph Orphne and the hero-god Heracles, she must find a way to unmask the evil so that the other Olympians will take action.

But as she probes deeper into a blood-soaked labyrinth of suspense and intrigue, Medea finds a net of deceit and treachery that will require all of her cunning to escape.
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I’d gone about ten yards when the first scream stopped me in mid-stride. It was definitely not an errant animal call. The second scream was more high-pitched. A scream of pain.
A man’s scream.

I tore off the high heels, clutching them in the same hand as my phone while awkwardly trying to keep my wrap from flying off with the other. My purse banged against my hip repeatedly as I raced up the path.

Annoying as it was, I remembered the dagger in there and was slightly reassured.

The chilly pavement froze my feet. I shoved the discomfort to the back of my mind. I could hear more noise. Animal snarls rose and fell ominously. Big cats. What made it more ominous was that I could tell the sounds were not anger.

Those cats were terrified.

If there were any lights around the enclosure they were off now, but the ambient glow from elsewhere in the zoo let me see dimly inside as I ran up to the fence.

As my eyes adjusted I could easily make out the leopards. They were crouched in a corner of the display. It was a decent-sized enclosure, with several large rocks and trees. There was a safety moat between the fence I was leaning over and the area where the leopards prowled.

“Paul!” I screamed. Was he around here somewhere? And who the hell was with him? A woman, if I could believe his last exclamation, but what woman?

Could it be Lyn?

I stepped on something hard and winced. I looked down and saw a faint glow.
A cell phone. I picked it up. The display showed my name and number. It was Paul’s.
Other footsteps were clattering along the path. I saw a large flashlight bobbing wildly. I quickly jammed the cell phone into my purse. I didn’t want anyone knowing I’d been talking with him until I found out what was going on.

“Who’s up here?” A rough voice demanded.

“Hurry! There’s something wrong here!” I screamed. A second later two men, both in security uniforms, were at my side.

“What is it, ma’am?” the older of the two men asked. He seemed to be pretty winded from his sprint so I turned to the younger man.

“Something’s wrong. I was on the phone with a friend of mine who came past here and saw the leopards. They’re not supposed to be out in cold weather.”

“Someone heard screaming up here,” the younger man said severely.

“I heard it too,” I confirmed. “I ran up here but I didn’t see anyone on the way up. I’m sure it was a man screaming. I think it might have been my friend. Please help me find him!”

I’d already decided that acting the part of the defenseless, needy woman would probably get me more points with these two. Never mind that I’d been about to conjure half a dozen fireballs to light the area for my own search. Let the guards search it for me.

The older man turned his flashlight into the leopard enclosure, and a second later the other one did too. They made quick, methodical sweeps of the display.

A lot of good that will do, I thought crossly as I slipped my shoes back on. We already know the damn leopards are in there when they’re not supposed to be.

It turned out they had the right idea. The cats were still crouched in the corner, hissing and growling. But they were not alone.

A body was lying on the other side of the display. I’d mistaken it for a shadow cast by one of the larger rocks. The body was face down, but it was definitely a man. A large man with reddish-blond hair. I didn’t even bother getting my hopes up.

The dark pool that was rapidly spreading out from under him was the last answer I would get from Paul Kirkpatrick.

My Review:

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.

Medea Keres leads a rather normal life, at least that's what she'd like everyone to believe. To her neighbors, she's a wealthy young woman who travels all over consulting various charities. In reality, she's a demon hunter, several millennia old. She hunts the demons here on earth, destroys them, and sends a report to Hectate, the queen of witches in Hades.  Little does she know, something far more sinister is going on in her own backyard. Will she be able to keep the people in her town safe? Will she be able to save earth from the curse of the Prometheus?

This was a fantastic novel.  It had a little bit of everything. The imagery was amazing, you can easily visualize every scene and it had lots of fast paced action.  My favorite thing about this book was the mix of Greek mythology with fantasy. It kept me at the edge of my seat and was one story I hated to see it end. I also liked the fact that even though Medea was just a witch she was a formidable opponent for Dionysus. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I really hope this story is the beginning of a wonderful series.
About the Author:
Morgan St. Knight live in Atlanta, and is a lifelong student of mythology, the occult, and comparative religion. With more than 25 years of experience as a journalist, Morgan enjoys the occasional foray into fantasyland to escape the grim realities of life. He is currently working on the sequel to "Curse of Prometheus" and is developing a second paranormal series which also takes place in the South.
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