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Inferno: The Jinn Trilogy Book 2Inferno: The Jinn Trilogy Book 2 by Liz Schulte
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I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.

Inferno is book two of The Jinn series. This portion begins six months after book one end. Olivia has withdrawn into herself since the death of her mother. The angel within her takes advantage of her grief and takes complete control of her life. To Holden's dismay, if there's any sign of the woman he loves, she's well hidden. The angel has an agenda all her own and isn't telling anyone what it is. Will they find out before it's too late? Is it really in the interest of the greater good?

Holden is trying everything he can to see if Olivia is still in there. He can't lose hope, she's the only bright spot in his very long life.

Baker will do anything for his best friend Holden. He's ended the relationship he had with Maggie, hoping that she would move on and have a normal life. Unfortunately, you can't always get what you want. But he can't focus on that right now, he has to help the others find out what the angel is up to and quickly before other angels come down to take her out before she does real damage to "the balance between good and evil".

As the group becomes a united front, they uncover the Angel's plot. With the help of Quintus, a gypsy, and a couple of vamps, they begin a complicated task of trying to stop the Angel and get Olivia back. But what will they have to sacrifice this time to achieve their goal?

This novel was well worth the wait! I'm just saying that because I love just about everything this author has written, but because the story immediately draws you in and keeps you engrossed. Be sure to have your schedule clear to read it because you will not want to put it down. I love the way the story captures your imagination with the descriptions of the characters and locations. This book covers many genres, it has romance, fantasy, paranormal, and even some rather emotional aspects. Be sure to have some Kleenex ready, there were parts that just broke my heart. What can I say Liz, you've done it again, an absolutely amazing novel and definitely a must read!

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