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The US government has initiated nuclear war against its own people. In the chaotic aftermath, survivors were told it was to eradicate the weak and the evil—to strengthen society. Phoenix never believed the excuses.

Painfully mutated after the fallout and having an insatiable thirst for human blood, she puts herself into exile. When a handsome stranger enters her life, his true identity and knowledge of classified secrets will open her eyes to what really happened. She must fight to save the human survivor’s, unite the mutated, and save the President’s life or (WHAT HAPPENS IF SHE FAILS?)
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About Michelle:
michelleAs soon as I could hold a pencil in my hand I was writing. Now I have the ability to travel to enhance the stories I tell and gain new ideas. I wish there were a couple clones of me because I have so many book ideas. I have a note pad full of them, but the two hands thing gets in the way. I write because it takes me away to another world just as much as reading does and I hope I can take others out of their day to day lives. I look up to Stephen King and my favorite story of all time is Macbeth, which I try to quote in some way in each book I write. I love to hear from the fans and meet them at events, it makes it worth while.


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