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Delfia thought she was a normal girl about to turn sixteen until her adoptive parents are murdered by creatures from the underworld. Her life gets thrown into chaos as she teams up with her best friend, a strange guy, and a prophetess.

She soon discovers her biological father, Hades, ordered the attack on her and her family because a prophecy names her as the one to take him down. She must first complete a set of tasks to free Persephone, her mother, from the underworld and defeat Hades.

Will she be reunited with her mother or will she get sucked into the underworld?

*Book is geared towards readers that liked Percy Jackson Series, Need Series, Everneath, etc.*

Bright Fire

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I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

Delfia was your typical teenager, or so she thought.  With her sixteenth birthday coming up, she wants what every teen does, a driver's permit and a car.  Unfortunately, her birthday brings more tragedy and heartache than she can bear.  Her adopted parents have been murdered, and people are trying to kill her.  As her father is dying she hears a cryptic message in her head telling her to find Alec, that she can trust him.  He takes her to meet Cassandra, the woman that has written the prophecy  of the Bright Fire.

This was a great fantasy novel, it was fast paced and quite a page turner.  I'm not sure how Delfia was able to function after witnessing her parents' murder.  Then to be told that your biological parents are mythological beings.  I'm not sure how she wrapped her head around that as quickly as she did.  This is a wonderful clean read that expands your imagination.

About the Author:

M.J. Austin is the author of the Bright Fire series and NaNoWriMo 2014 winner. She has always found the world of fantasy preferable to the real world. She channels this love of mystical worlds and creatures into her writing. She is an avid reader and proud bookworm. She has a Master's Degree in Project Management, but her true passion is writing.

When she isn't working or writing she is diving into random projects as often as possible. She lives in Tennessee with three children, husband, and three dogs.
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