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Is cleaning the Earth as easy as cleaning your teeth? Probably not, but here's a way to start. Our new Eco Edition brush builds on the proven technology of our best selling toothbrush, but includes advanced design throughout the system to reduce its impact on the planet. Here are a few of the improvements we've made:
  • Advanced metal hydride batteries offer longer life and less frequent charging without the toxic chemicals like cadmium. The cadmium used in common Ni-CD batteries is highly toxic to the environment and to the people who make them.
  • Less electricity - Our high efficiency charger uses less than 20% of the electricity rated for our original charger, usually using less than 2 watts.
  • Recyclable materials - Most components of our system are made with recyclable ABS plastic.
  • Less packaging - Often forgotten when comparing products, packaging has a big impact. Our new systems use 50% less packaging materials, reducing manufacturing, fuel to transport, and disposal. All materials are commonly recyclable plastic and paperboard.
  • Less to throw away - All brushes wear out eventually. But with Cybersonic, you won't just throw the whole thing in the trash. With our free brush program and lifetime warranty* you won't have to get a new system every couple years. We'll replace any major component that fails, saving you money and keeping perfectly good parts out the trash.
  • The product and the company - We're not just trying to make our product as green as possible, we're trying to make our whole company more responsible. Cybersonic promotes telecommuting and flex scheduling to reducing commuting and to support the life balance of our employees. We've reduced the size of our data center by over 70% is recent years to further reduce electricity usage. Fully 2/3 of our corporate staff are regular volunteers at non-profit, community, and religious organizations, using the company's flexibility to help them give back to their communities.
But Cybersonic Eco Edition™ isn't just our greenest system ever, it's also an advanced, powerful, comprehensive oral care system.

  • Lifetime Warranty*
  • FREE Replacement Brush Plan*
  • 31,000 strokes per minute 
  • Integrated sonic floss, tongue cleaning, and breath freshening systems
  • 2 sizes of brush heads for custom cleaning
  • Patented Harmonic Resonance sonic technology
  • Free Sonic White® tooth whitening system (made is USA)
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 My Review

I received a Cybersonic Eco in exchange for my honest review.  I was pleasantly surprised by the speedy delivery of my Cybersonic Eco Toothbrush.  I have always owned a Sonicare Toothbrush as it has always been recommended by my dentist.  I was elated for the opportunity to review the Cybersonic, especially because of the cost.  For my Philips Sonicare, I paid $149, all I received was a rechargeable toothbrush with 2 different sized heads.  I was pleasantly surprised with everything that the Cybersonic Eco came with.  Two sizes of brush heads, a flosser, and tongue cleaner, even a tooth whitening system all for only $69.95 is remarkable.  The cleaning is amazing!  Your mouth is clean and fresh as if you've just left the dentist.  Talk about value for money.  I loved it, I am definitely getting one for my hubby.  They also have a fantastic Replacement Brush Plan, very inexpensive and they remember to order for you!

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  1. I'm using a manual toothbrush currently. I would love this!

  2. I have a manual but I love the automatic ones!

  3. Manual right now. I'm looking for a new electronic one that I like because mine bit the dust.

  4. I have to use an automatic toothbrush but I haven't seen this before. I will have to look into it.


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