JW Pet Stretchin' & Fetchin' Dog Toy Review

The Stretchin' & Fetchin'™ plush line comes in four delightful characters; each has soft & cuddly fabric dogs love to snuggle with. With their long, stretchy bodies these adorable pals are great for Tug, Toss, Shake and Fetch! Each paw is tipped with a squeaker to engage and stimulate. What a combination, they are sure to be a favorite at play time!

 I recieved a  Stretchin' & Fetchin'™ Eli Elephant in exchange for my honest review.  Here's what JW Pet says about Eli Elephant:

Every dog loves to snuggle, Eli Elephant offers textured nubby plush with a Stretch-tastic squeaky surprise inside every paw! He has a long, stretchy body that is great for tug, toss, shake and fetch! Eli is an enjoyable playmate that will engage and stimulate, truly a friend your dog will never forget!
Sizes: Medium, Large

 My Review

This is my little guy, also named Eli, he's an eleven month old Terrier/Sheltie mix.  He loves to play fetch, shake, tug or just squeak his toys.  About a month ago, we bought Eli a similar toy.  It only had one stretchy band and a squeaker in the head.  After about 30 minutes of play the stretchy band gave out on the little guy.  His brand new toy no longer did what it was suppose to.  

A week ago we received Eli Elephant in the mail.  From the moment the toy was out of the packaging, my little guy went nuts!  Not only does he play tug and fetch with it, he tosses it in the air on his own and this toy goes everywhere he does.  It's strong, durable, has a squeaker in each paw as well as the head.  Each leg has a stretchy band for long lasting play.  This is a fantastic toy, great for dogs that love to play.  Definitely a Five Star Dog Toy!


  1. That is so cute! My dad's hell beast...errmmm..i mean baby...could use one of these lol great review =]

  2. This sounds like an awesome product. I have found that a lot of dog toys just don't hold up with an active dog.

  3. That is the cutest!!! Your dog is so adorable and I'm so glad he liked his new toy.

  4. My german shepherd would love this. She loves to play catch. We need something that will survive her playing.

  5. Awwwwwww. My sister's dogs would love those. Maybe for Christmas from Aunt Nonna.

  6. Wow! This looks and sounds great... I think it's gonna be perfect for my dog! :)

  7. Too bad my dog doesn't play with toys. This looks so awesome. My friend's dog who is a German Shepherd would love this toy. She loves anything that squeaks.

  8. adorable dog what a cute little toy

  9. Super cute! My dogs would love this toy.


  10. I am the designer of Stretchin' & Fetchin' and thank you all for your kind reviews and responses. Enjoy the toys!


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