Be Still and Know Book Review

Bitterness and deception always manage to find their way to the surface. Be Still & Know is a novel about finding love after devastating heartbreak and the challenges of learning to trust again.
Kai Bennett never believed that she was worthy of love. Too many years of being mistreated left her bitter and uncertain of her own self-worth. Finding validation in men, money, and trinkets, she has little use for a man becoming a permanent fixture in her life. That was until she met Alvin. What starts as a game of cat and mouse quickly develops into something Kai is unsure she is ready to handle.
Alvin Reigns discovered long ago that in love, there were no happy endings. He had fallen in love once, and vowed to never again allow any woman that much control over his heart. Kai Bennett was an unexpected surprise who made him want to believe in the possibility of a happy ending. After many years of self-preservation, Alvin is unsure if he should trust Kai with his heart.  How will Alvin and Kai learn to trust and create their own happy ending?

My Review
I received a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.  Kai Bennett has had a painful past, which lead her to horrible present, she decides to make a vow to have a life she can be proud of.  Then she meets Alvin Reigns, intellectual, compassionate, handsome man, formerly a womanizer turned Christian.  She immediately falls for him, and wants to spend her life with him.  Can their relationship survive the rumors running around about her?  Will she be able to find God amidst her pain?  Will she ever be able to forgive and heal from her past?  This was a great story and very realistic.  Sometimes God places unbelievers in our path for us to help and encourage them.  I think that’s what Alvin’s family had done with Kai, we’re supposed to always act in love.  I felt really sad that Alex never asked Kai what her side of the story was with her past.  Instead she listened to all of the rumors and things her friend said.  This was a great story of trusting and loving one another no matter what life may throw at you.

About the Author

Cassietta Jefferson is a contemporary Christian author, publisher, and blogger. She is the newest Editor in Chief for Journey, the For My Sister Friends newsletter, and the founder of Virtuous Ink Publishing. She has a passion for reading and writing, and seeks to provide her readers with the best in contemporary Christian literature. Cassietta is currently preparing for the release of a collection of short stories as well as the much anticipated follow up to her first novel. 

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  2. Thank you so much for welcoming me here. I'm very glad you enjoyed the book.


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