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In Shunned, Jael leaves Nevada and her close friends, Brianna and Shadow, behind. She travels to the Loon Lake Amish community in Minnesota where she moves in with grandparents she’s never met and learns to live the plain and simple life... at least as plain and simple as she can handle. She may learn to milk a goat, but she is definitely NOT giving up her cell phone or crossbow!

While finishing out the school year at Loon Lake Public High School, she meets the guy of her dreams…someone to keep her company when she goes out staking vampires at night.
Her true purpose is to destroy the Bishop, the oldest and most powerful vampire of all. But first she must find out just what his diabolical plans are for the teenagers of the community, and put a stop to him and his undead followers before its too late.
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My Review

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.   Jael Shetler has lost her parents in a horrible car accident.  Now, she must leave Nevada, and live in Loon Lake Amish community with her grandparents. She had never met them before; learning to live a “plain” life has put her in culture shock.  Her first day at Loon Lake High School, she meets Gabriel.  He’s a sweet guy, an artist, an altar boy, someone that knows the truth but isn’t afraid of her.  Can she give up the life she’s known to be Amish?  Will she be able to save the community from the crazed Bishop?

This is book 2 of The Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy.  This was an amazing book.  I was drawn in from page one!  You could feel Jael’s pain dealing with her parents’ deaths.  I loved Jael’s dreams of the biblical Jael.  I think it reinforces her calling and she draws strength from it.  This was a great fun read!  One I truly enjoyed!

About the Author
I'm the author of eight novels, with another always on the way. I grew up on a small farm in Washington State but now live in the mean "burbs" of Minnesota with my husband and our dogs, Rugby and Willow. With our kids now pushed out of the nest and encouraged to fly, I spend much time reading, writing, collecting books, riding motorcycles with my husband, and keeping one step ahead of AARP. I'm a member of the Christian Writer's Guild and try to attend a writer's conference somewhere each year. At the 2006 Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference I was a finalist in the mainstream novel category with "Time in a Bottle." (Now published under the title: "Entangled") In 2007 I was once again a finalist, but in the mystery/thriller category, with "Sense of Danger." (now published under the title: "Split Sense") My new young adult Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy is now available: Chosen, Shunned, & Reckoning. I also really like black licorice.
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