The Mermaid of Brooklyn Book Review

SOMETIMES ALL YOU NEED IN LIFE IS A FABULOUS PAIR OF SHOES—AND A LITTLE HELP FROM A MERMAID.  Formerly an up-and-coming magazine editor, Jenny Lipkin is now your average, stretched-too-thin Brooklyn mom, tackling the challenges of raising two children in a cramped Park Slope walk-up. All she really wants is to survive the sweltering New York summer with a shred of sanity intact. But when her husband, Harry, vanishes one evening, Jenny reaches her breaking point. And in a moment of despair, a split-second decision changes her life forever.

Pulled from the brink by an unexpected ally, Jenny is forced to rethink her ideas about success, motherhood, romance, and relationships. But confronting her inner demons is no easy task. . . .
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 My Review
I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.  Jenny Lipkin was a magazine editor.  She and Harry had a whirlwind romance that created a five year marriage and two kids.  When we meet Jenny, she’s now a stay at home mom with days filled with long walks and daily play dates at the park.  One night she calls her husband at work and asks him to bring home milk, he says he’s going to get cigarettes and that’s the last she hears of him.

I enjoy chick lit and Amy Shearn doesn’t disappoint!  There were moments when Jenny’s reactions just had me laughing.  Her description of Jenny at her worst was pretty understandable.  The poor woman was overwhelmed taking care of everything and now Harry’s gone, so the little things he did to help out are gone as well.  This was truly a unique and fun novel.  I look forward to reading her other published novels.


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