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As a pampered and adored daughter of a wealthy Southern family Rory's life was seemingly perfect until her troubled childhood crush moves back in across the street forcing her to choose between him and the life that has been chosen for her.

As if that isn't enough, her quiet island town has turned dangerous. A good friend has gone missing, lending truth to the rumors of a serial kidnapper. In her quest to help she becomes a target and will have to make choices about love, friendship and the inevitable sacrifice that they both require.
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My Review
I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.  Rory’s life seems perfect.  She has great friends, she’s best friends with her parents best friends’ son.  Unfortunately, he’s crazy about her and although he’d make the perfect boyfriend, she’s unsure if she shares his feelings.  Then out of the blue, her childhood crush moves back in across the street.  He’s gotten older, taller and gorgeous!  With his surprising return begins the rumors of his troubled past.  Which are true and which are lies?  Added to that, a teenage girl is missing, will she be next?

I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  I’d expected it to focus mainly on the romance aspect, but it was a perfect mix.  I was completely engrossed from start to finish.  I found it amusing that Rory had a knack for getting herself into trouble.  The mystery was amazing, and had a few twists.  When you find out who the serial kidnapper is, it’ll certainly shock you!  This was an amazing hard to put down novel, one I’m sure many of you will enjoy!

About the Author

Elena lives and writes in a suburb North of Los Angeles. She has never lived anywhere besides California which is probably a good thing since she hates being cold and is terrified to drive in the snow. She loves being a wife and a mother to her two kids and three dogs, although really the bulldog is the fourth child who has never matured beyond the toddler stage. A self proclaimed nerd, she has been writing since she was a child. She has only recently, however, come out of the closet about this to her family and friends. They now understand better, but not completely, why she talks about characters in stories as if they are real people.

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