'Til The Last Drop Book Review

It is February of 2000, and Arthur and Valencia Todd and their twelve- year-old daughter, Lindsy, are living very happily—until Valencia receives a life-changing phone call. Life deals her a crisis that requires a miracle of biblical proportion.

Six months later, Valencia’s life is still in shambles. As she walks on a path lined with grief, frustration, illness, and loneliness, Valencia is too frightened to seek help from doctors, on whom she quietly blames her mother’s premature death. As she prays for answers, nothing seems to heal her persistent medical condition, prompting Valencia to plummet down a dark tunnel of despair. Desperate for answers, Valencia draws inspiration from the worn pages of her mother’s Bible, fueled by an unyielding determination to find healing. But three years later, as she is led to the doors of a holistic center where she believes she will finally be helped, Valencia helplessly watches as her life disintegrates once again—completely unaware that the Holy Spirit is waiting to comfort her.

’Til the Last Drop is the inspirational story of one woman’s journey to the truth as she learns to listen to her heart, never give up, and, above all, trust in God.
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My Review
I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.  Valencia Todd had the perfect life.  Suddenly, a phone call one afternoon turns her life upside down.  Unable to find a cure for her medical condition, Valencia plummets into a world of despair, only finding comfort from her mother’s worn bible.

Although brief, this story so moving!  I loved how we get to see what happens in heaven when we pray.  The end surprised me, but after thinking about it, it all made sense.  Valencia had amazing unfaltering faith; her courage brought me to tears.  This was a wonderfully written novel and has strengthened my faith.  It proves that nothing is impossible with God!

About the Author
Marquis Boone is a pastor, motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, mentor and spiritual advisor to a host of celebrities. Marquis is the Lead Pastor of Fresh Start Church which exists to revive, refresh, release and restore people back to God. He has been deemed one of America's most influential and talented pastors in his generation. His message of resurrection, healing and restoration is unparalleled and transcending cultural barriers within the church. Boone holds a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership and Masters of Divinity from Luther Rice University. He studied at World Harvest Bible College and completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Management from American InterContinental University.

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