Creatures of Fire Book Review and Giveaway

She is a half demon, oblivious to her true nature.

He is a demon set out to avenge murder.

Together they are hunted by the one person she thought she could trust.

Separate they may be able to save each others lives.

“Creatures of Fire” a tale about power, ambition, responsibility and trust.

New York – Paris – Dschinnanya (the world of the demons)
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My Review

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.  Sariel Baldwin is taken in by her uncle Harold after her parents dies in a fatal car crash.  She feels that although he doesn’t behave as a parent, that he’s taken he in because of his love of family.  Then we meet Alexander, who feels an instant connection to Sariel, added to that she can see him when hidden from everyone else.  Humans are not supposed to be capable of that.  What will Sariel do when she finds out she’s half demon?  Who can she trust?

This was a pretty good book once you get past the first third.  Sariel’s character go to me in the beginning as she was always angry about something.  I liked the chemistry between Alexander and Sariel, but if you’re expecting a romance novel, this certainly is not one.  If you like fantasy novels, this is a good book for you.


 About the Author

J.B. Brooklin is a German author. Having lived abroad for several years in the US (Oregon, California, Florida, New Jersey), Spain and the Seychelles the writer recently returned to her home country and started writing mystery and fantasy novels.

When she is not writing, her husband, twins and her cat are keeping her busy.
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  2. I'm not much of a book person, I guess because I'm so picky about the plot. This story sounds like something I would read though, I love characters that are not quite human. I will try to pick this up and read it.

  3. I do like fanatsy novels and anything would angels or demons or creatures is good for me THANKS

  4. Love the cover of your book. Looks like a really good read too!!

  5. This Book sounds awesome! Thanks for the giveaway
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  7. Book sounds great!

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  9. Hello, the book looks intriguing.


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