WondaWedge Review

The WondaWedge is a versatile inflatable backrest - ideal for outdoor activities

Beach lounger - sand won't stick to or penetrate
Fishing and back support
- for more relaxing fishing
Camping lounger -
pack it along with your tent
RV accessory
- deflates for compact storage
Outdoor concert seating -
easy to carry, doesn't tear up the turf
Picnic seating
- better than just a blanket
Boating lounger
- recline in style on your pontoon or sailboat
Soccer sideline seating
- more comfortable than bleachers or a blanket
Outdoor plays/movies
- lean back and enjoy the show!
- the reclining position is perfect for watching the night sky
Poolside lounger -
less expensive than a chaise lounge

The WondaWedge is a versatile inflatable back support pillow - ideal for use around the house!

Recuperation - just home from the hospital
Chronic Illness
- for those who spend much of their time in bed
in bed - Chiropractors recommend it
Relaxing on the floor
- multi position support for a myriad of activities, dorm rooms, teenage bedrooms
Meditation lower back support
- focus on meditating, not your aching back! Pack one when you attend meditation workshops!
Sleep aid
- for GERD, Acid Reflux, respiratory problems - sleep well
- sleep aid/breast feeding back support - be comfortable
Breast Cancer
- recuperate in an elevated position as this enables optimal blood circulation to all the vital healing areas
It's deflatable!
Take it with you when you travel!

My Review

 I received a free WondaWedge in exchange for my honest review.  My fiance has a bad back, I had him try the WondaWedge to see if it alleviated any of his pain, he said "Yes, it did".  The thing I love about the WondaWedge is the versatility and durability.  You can use it inside or outside, The inflatable fabric is strong and has a velvety feel to it.  This is value for money if you ask me.  It's inflatable so it can be stored virtually anywhere!  I live in a small apartment so this is a huge plus for me.  This would make a great gift for those difficult to shop for!


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