April Couponing Class

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The time is here again to sign up for online Coupon Classes here at SSFAM!  Did you know that all classes are absolutely FREE? You had me at FREE!  Plus, it does not matter where you live or what you wear to class {Hooray}.  All classes are completely online and you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

     If you RSVP for the online class now+ participate during the first week, one lucky person will be chosen to receive either a $25 Macy’s, Kroger, Shell Gas, Olive Garden, Target or Wal-Mart Gift Card {Wow}!  If you want to receive a class folder that includes a special outline of the class to go along with your online class to keep up with all your information, go ahead now and purchase for $10 (Limit 1 per person/household) which includes FREE shipping + one special surprise {you never know what will be given}!  See the below dates for the Online Coupon Class dates +topics and share with your friends.  Try to encourage them to sign up.  Believe me, you will not want to miss out on all the coupon fun, learning, plus freebies and giveaways!

     RSVP now until 4/12/13! Classes will start April 15, 2013!  It will be a powerful 3 weeks.  Complete the form below the class schedule.  It does not matter if you are brand new to couponing or an expert, you will be able to share your questions in the comments and have fun learning to save even more.  You are able to learn in your PJ's {smiles}.  This is an online class that may give you a different experience from others you may have seen.  She is very interactive and helpful.

Online Coupon Class Schedule!

First Week April 15- April 21

Day 1-April 15th *Welcome to couponing! What is a coupon?
Day 2-April 16th *How the blog owner at SSFAM started couponing? What difference can couponing mean for you?
Day 3-April 17th*Coupon Organization - How to organize your coupons? +
{Bonus topic}
Day 4-April 18th*Where to find coupons and where can I use them?
Day 5-April 19th * What clothing department stores use coupons?
Day 6-Aprill 20th * Pharmacy store (CVS, RiteAid and Walgreens) shopping tips?
Day 7-April 21st * How can I help the military with coupons? + {Giveaway Day}

Second Week April 22 - April 28

Day 8-April 22nd * 12 Amazing ways to shop/save at Kroger!
Day 9-April 23rd * 6 Glorious Ways to shop/save at Publix!
Day 10-April 24th * Where can I find a coupon train or support group?
Day 11-April 25th *What is a coupon policy and why is it important? + {Bonus topic}
Day 12-April 26th *What are coupon abbreviations and what the heck do they mean? {Giveaway Day}
Day 13-April 27th*Where can I get freebies/samples on my birthday?
Day 14-April 28th * What is a BOGO coupon?

Third Week April 29th - May 5th

Day 15-April 29th * What magazines carry coupons?
Day 16-April 30th * 5 Great ways to shop at Walmart!What are Walmart samples?
Day 17-May 1st * How can I use SSFAM blog?
Day 18-May 2nd *What are holiday sales? + {Bonus topic}
Day 19-May 3rd * How can I plan meals for my family? Where are some meal planning resources?
Day 20-May 4th * Can I teach my children how to coupon? {Giveaway Day}
Day 21-May 5th* What is a coupon buddy? Does SSFAM offer other coupon support?

Online Social Media Bonuses:
3 Brands on Twitter!
Brands on Facebook and Twitter!
2 Brands on Twitter!
3 Brands on Twitter!

Example Coupon Previews!
Smart Source Coupon Preview 11-11!
RedPlum Coupon Preview 11-11!

2013 Newspaper Inserts!
{Learn which coupon inserts will appear in your Sunday's Newspaper}

Grocery Store Monthly Sales Cycle
{Look for these great sales during these months}
NonFood Sales Cycle 

Join Atlanta Couponers Group {Facebook} for ongoing support and to stay connected with other learners {It doesn't matter if you live in another state}.


 Purchase Online Class- Folder! 
Able to purchase throughout the entire class.
Content includes:

Special Class Guide


Special Surprise from SSFAM!

Expect 1 week for processing/shipping. Make sure your paypal address is correct for her to ship your folder. If you do not use paypal, be sure to email her at (simplesavingsforatlmoms@yahoo.com) - Subject line "Online Coupon Class Folder" and she will discuss with your on where to mail your money order payment.

SSFAM Online Classes are held 4 times a year (December, March-April, May and September):

December 10, 2012

April 15, 2013

May, 2013 (Exact date TBA)

September, 2013 (Exact date TBA)

Happy Learning,



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