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Those of us who have always lived in America speak of the economic “crashes” our country has experienced and survived. However, we have never experienced genuine economic collapse, or the terrifying reality of a country where central banking and inflation have led to anarchy. Author Svetoslav Elenkov gives a uniquely valuable first-hand account of life in a country torn apart by economic disaster, and shows the connections between money, central banking, inflation, and the real impact on everyday people of corrupt and short-sighted government policies. Experience what it is like to live in a world where violence erupts as protests are ignored; where the powerful send men armed with shields and batons to assault citizens innocently celebrating at a party. Immerse yourself in a world where government buildings are attacked, where AK-47s open fire, where RPGs wreak havoc. Learn about what causes these extreme conditions and what we, as citizens, need to know about both prevention and survival in a worst-case scenario.


My Review
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  This was a pretty interesting read.  We’ve often heard of American economic crashes and crises, but this book puts things into a different light.  Svetoslav Elenkov, describes for us what a true collapse would look like and how it is caused by his personal experiences.  He also discusses how to prevent these disasters in our own lives as well as ways to survive them.  This was a pretty interesting read.  There were no technical terms to get lost in, just plain English, which also made it a very quick book as well.

About the Author

Svetoslav S Elenkov is an author who has lived through Communism, Socialism and Corrupt Capitalism. He writes to expose life under oppression. He writes because he believes in free markets, individual freedom, and sound money. He writes to warn of the dangers of government social programs and laws, central banking, and money monopolization and manipulation. Join his cause. (or as found at
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