Evil on the Peace River Book Review and Giveaway

There’s no name for the kind of evil that’s taken a foothold in the hills…

The calmness of the community is reflected in its name. Peace River is the kind of small town you read about: where everyone knows your name; where neighbours look out for each other; and where the toughest kind of criminal you’re likely to come across is a lone horse thief.

But a cold wind has blown into the Peace—as the locals call it—one that takes the form of two psychopaths whose consciences are guided only by their own twisted desires. Bent on wreaking as much carnage as possible while they line their pockets, two brothers terrorize the normally quiet Northern Alberta community.

Their deadly rampage gathers steam and cutting a bloody swath across the hills. It’s a deadly game of ‘hunt to kill’, as police struggle to stem the tide of bodies the brothers leave in their wake.

My Review

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. In a small town in Alberta where everyone looks out for each other, two criminals with no conscience, wreak havoc and leave a bloodbath along the way.  

It may look like a short book, but don’t let the length fool you.  This was a fast paced suspense novel!  There’s a prison break, murders, and kidnapping, all in one book.   I was glued to my seat because I could not put it down!  I loved the way the author describes the area where Jane was riding, you can just imagine how serene the hills were.  The plot was fantastic and flowed perfectly.  Honestly, I was delightfully surprised that the author was able to fit so much so fast, yet it wasn’t rushed or patchy.  The characters were great; I love Jane, Cam, and especially Sam.  Sam is Jane’s dog in the story; I think his intelligence is reminiscent of Lassie.  If you want a quick suspenseful read, this book doesn’t disappoint!  I look forward to reading future books from this author.

About the Author

Beverly Lein was born in Manning, Alberta, and raised in nearby Sunny Valley on her father’s farm with her three sisters and two brothers. Her hobbies have always included writing stories, songs, and poems. Before raising elk with her husband Carson on their own ranch, Lein worked as a cook, a farmer, a retailer, and a small business owner. A proud mother of two and grandmother of five, Lein’s life also requires her to be a veterinarian, a midwife, and an elk counsellor- depending on what the day brings. Beverly is the author of three books, An Elk in the Houseby NeWest Press, The Three Saints of Christmas, Wolf Spirit: The Story of Moon Beam.and Evil on the Peace River, all published by Inkwater Books.
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